You Have NO Right To Your Hate


I don’t understand your hate.
My heart is hurting…screaming for the families in Orlando. The violence. The hate. I will never pretend to understand what is going on in our society.
All because someone lives a different life…people hate, people kill. Senseless. This is our world? Our country? Shameful. And, as far as I’m concerned the people who have the hateful thoughts are JUST as much to blame as the killers. The ones who just voice their hate through jokes, and casual conversation with their friends, The people who glare, point and make snide comments in public are cultivating this horrible scene. Watering it like a seed. They are NO better.
My son was not at this nightclub, he is Gay and lives in Orlando, and I am forever grateful. The few hours that I couldn’t reach him this morning were unbearable. For 120 minutes I thought my son, my baby, was dead. I now know what an eternity feels like.
I know that I speak for all of the Mothers, the Fathers, of Gay sons and daughters. You never stop worrying. NEVER. Your heart is constantly braced for THAT phone call. These are our children. Our babies. Our hearts.
You have NO right to your hate. NO RIGHT.
I will say many prayers today for those families who are grieving today. And, I I’ll continue to say more prayers for those who face this persecution for simply living their lives.
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