Life Changing


We had spent a couple of days in San Francisco hanging out…tourists…ya know the typical…China Town, the Japanese Gardens, Lombard Street. Dating, having a blast…smitten. On this particular day we drove up through Saulsalito stopping for lunch, the best artichokes I’ve ever eaten, on our way to hike the Muir Woods.

Many people talk about their Best Days. This day 15 years ago was a Life Changing day. John and I hiked the trails amazed at trees. Have you ever seen trees that brushed the Heavens? Trees that hug the Earth and hold her tight with a mightiness that can’t be touched. It was absolutely breathtaking.

On this fabulous hike John and I stepped inside the trunk of one of these beauties…the two of us in the trunk. “Will you marry me?” Were the next words I heard. Life Changing.

I cannot begin to put into words adequately how awesome this guy is. I thank him daily for marrying me. Um, no lie.

He gets me, and he puts up with me. I’m not easy. I lose my words, and shut down. I cry, oh do I cry. I question things, and I get pissed off. But, he’s patient. Patience. Oh, Lord do I love his patience! He knows when to sit back and wait for my clouds to pass. And, he knows when to gently nudge to bring out the best from me.

John never fails to go the extra mile when it comes to our marriage. He totally understands the little things. The fridge must be stocked with half and half at all times. I hate revolving doors. Crowds make me nauseous. I like our house clean…very clean. My dog must sleep with us always. My side of the closet is a pit. I shop. I love flowers.

His humor lights up our house, and his laugh will give him away every time.

He is my biggest cheerleader and stands behind every passion I decide I’m following. These passions change daily sometimes, mind you.

He sets the bar high for our five kiddos, but I know he has a soft cushion. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family; they are his heart.

Just like that majestic tree that we stood inside of on October 7..15 short years ago; John holds our family tighter than  I could ever imagine. Protecting and loving us above all else.

So, ya our engagement was “Life Changing”. I am just everyday so very grateful that this great guy married Me.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    What precious words. Total God thing that you 2 are in each other’s lives. I’ve had so many friends announce their divorce lately makes me feel truly blessed that I’m still in love with Mr. C after 30+ years. Cheers to many more years of you and the captain!

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